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Supporting practical and efficient, evidence-based tobacco retailing policy initiatives.

About AAR

The Alliance of Australian Retailers is a peak body representing the interests of over 3,000 small business retailers comprising newsagents, petrol stations, tobacconists and independent convenience and mixed-business retailers who sell tobacco products, along with major tobacco suppliers.


Its member organizations include the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association, the National Independent Retailers Association, the Tasmanian Small Business Council, Philip Morris Australia, Imperial Tobacco Australia Limited and British American Tobacco Australia.

The Alliance supports practical and efficient, evidence-based tobacco retailing policy initiatives, and initiatives that reduce the incidence of illicit trade in tobacco products, including better enforcement especially at the retail level. These initiatives should be suitably supported by evidence and shouldn’t unfairly impact small retailer’s productivity and their capacity to legitimately go about their business.


We want to ensure that the voices and practical concerns of Australia’s small retailers are fairly heard, and that policy outcomes improve public health, while not further exacerbating the increasing trade in illicit tobacco and any inequitable shift of the Tobacco category from small businesses to only larger retailers.

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